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  • Hitachi Data Unveils Y2000 Software Test Package
  • January 23, 1998 (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Hitachi Data Systems unveiled its HDS TEST for Year 2000, a software package designed for testing the effects of corrective work to cope with Year 2000 computer software problems.

    Hitachi Data, a venture of Tokyo-based Hitachi Ltd. and EDS Corp., said the new package provides an integrated set of programming elements needed for planning, implementing and managing a comprehensive series of Year 2000 software tests. Texas-based EDS is a large computer service company. The package also uses expertise from a variety of smaller and highly specialized partner companies.

    The Year 2000 problem refers to errors that will crop up in computer systems because the calendar would otherwise turn to 00 or 1900, instead of 2000, following the year 1999. Some of those problems are happening already, such as with expiration dates on credit cards.

    The HDS TEST package is available in the United States, and it will be introduced in phases in other major countries, according to the Santa Clara, CA-based computer venture.

    Hitachi Data said that HDS TEST utilizes a methodology providing a fully auditable and repeatable test process.

    Testing of corrections to cope with the Year 2000 problem could represent as much as 60 percent of corporate efforts to fully implement Year 2000 software compliance.

    "We know what it takes for IT managers to implement an effective testing environment," said Nancy Stewart, Hitachi Data's marketing manager for the package. "HDS TEST not only blends an outstanding combination of hardware, software, services and tools, but it also provides experienced consultants to serve as master coaches throughout the entire testing process."

    The company also offers three key software tools that have been integrated into HDS TEST: (1) CPR Workware from Tecskor Software Inc., (2) Year 2000Plus, an analysis tool from Ascent Logic Corp., and (3) Rochade, an enterprise repository, from Viasoft Inc.

    Tecskor Software is based in Calgary, Canada; Ascent Logic in San Jose, CA; and Viasoft in Phoenix, AZ.

    "We have formed alliances with companies that provide best-of- breed solutions for various aspects of managing the Year 2000 testing process," said Hank Warg, Hitachi Data's senior director, corporate marketing.

    Hitachi Data was formed in 1989, as a joint venture of Hitachi Ltd. and Electronic Data Systems Corp. Hitachi owns 84 percent of the venture and EDS owns 16 percent. Company products are made in Japan, the U.S. state of Oklahoma and other sites.

    The company sells enterprise servers, computer peripheral products and information storage systems, and it offers a range of computer consulting services. Revenues in the most recent fiscal year exceeded US$2 billion. The core of Hitachi Data dates back to National Advanced Systems, a former subsidiary of National Semiconductor Corp.

    Hitachi Data's customer base is mainly companies using System/370 and System/390 mainframe computer software and extensions. Its customers are in such sectors as banking and finance, energy, government, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and aerospace. The computer company said it has customers among 62 of the top 100 "Fortune 500" companies.

    (Neil Davis, Asia BizTech Correspondent)

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