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  • NEC, Fujitsu to Produce 0.21-0.22 Micron DRAMs
  • January 26, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. and Fujitsu Ltd. announced plans to upgrade their microchip production lines, with both companies slated to start making DRAMs using 0.21-micron to 0.22- micron processes by the end of this year.

    NEC will begin producing microchips using a 0.22-micron design rule later this year. That design rule reduces the area of a 64Mb DRAM to just over 50 sq. mm.

    The new processing technology will result in a 256Mb DRAM with an area of 160 sq. mm, which will extend the application of 200mm wafers instead of moving to the next-generation 300mm wafers.

    NEC decided to postpone starting its pilot line using 300mm wafers for a year, because of the prospects for significant cost reductions under the new design rule.

    Fujitsu said it will start producing DRAMs using 0.21-micron or 0.22-micron process technology in late 1998. It now makes DRAMs with 0.32-micron technology.

    Although Fujitsu has developed 0.28-micron design-rule microchips, it will skip that stage and instead produce commercial chips at the 0.21-micron to 0.22-micron level. This is in response to moves by its competitors to apply the latest technology. Fujitsu's new products will be 100MHz synchronous DRAMs measuring 51 sq. mm.

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