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  • Computer Virus Levels Plateau in Japan, IPA Says
  • July 9, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) said that reported damages by computer viruses in June leveled off at 137 cases, as compared with 142 cases reported in May.
    Total virus cases from January to June reached 982 cases, up slightly from 946 cases in the same period last year.

    A total of 749 cases were reported by general corporate users, 174 cases by companies associated with the information service industry , 35 cases by individual users, and 24 cases by educational or research bodies.

    As for types of viruses reported in June, "Laroux," a macro virus in Excel, showed the largest number of infections (74). It was followed by "Cap," which attacks Word, with 27 cases, and AutoStart 9805, a Macintosh virus, with 15 cases.

    The Laroux virus was detected on as many as 90 computers infected at once. Similarly, AutoStar was detected in 110 computers in one case , according to the report.

    The IPA issued a warning that the following types of viruses may appear in the July 4-Aug. 31 period: (1) DH2, which is expected to appear on July 11, July 15, July 28 or Aug. 11; (2) Argentina on July 9 or Aug. 17; (3) Russian Flag on Aug. 19; and (4) DApm-12 on Aug. 31.

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