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  • China to Open Telecom, Postal Markets to Overseas Investors
  • July 13, 1998 (BEIJING) -- China's new Ministry of Information Industry (MII) plans to gradually open the country's telecommunications and postal market to the outside world.
    MII will set up 13 departments, according to a recent reorganization plan. The ministry intends to separate the telecom sector from the postal sector, to allow China to open its postal market.

    "China will open all kinds of postal services, except for the letter sector, in the next few years," said Liu Liqing, director of the State Postal Service Bureau.

    He added that China has already opened express mail and other services to overseas investors.

    The telecom equipment business has become one of the most open and competitive markets in China, said Wu Jichuan of MII.

    For example, a tenth of Motorola Inc.'s global sales are in China, and Siemens AG expects to have annual sales of 1.5 billion marks in China by 2000.

    China imported nearly US$6 billion worth of electronic and telecom equipment in 1997. And the nation spent RMB124.5 billion (US$15 billion) to upgrade its telecom and postal infrastructure in that year.

    The country's spending in the telecom and postal sectors is expected to exceed RMB150 billion this year, while business in those sectors is projected to grow 28 percent.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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