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  • Softbank to Buy Omron Unit, Start PC Hardware Sales
  • July 15, 1998 (TOKYO) - Softbank Corp. said it will buy all shares of Omron Micro Computer Systems Co., Ltd., a personal computer wholesaler and wholly owned subsidiary of Omron Corp., by the end of March 1999.
    A Softbank spokesman said the purchase will allow the Softbank group to start selling systems including PC hardware and peripherals.

    Softbank will eventually pay a total of about 700 million yen (US$5 million) to obtain 980,000 outstanding shares of Omron Micro Computer Systems.

    Omron Micro Computer Systems is capitalized at 490 million yen. Total sales for fiscal 1997 ended March 1998 were 29.017 billion yen (US$200 million), while the pretax loss for the same term was 1 9 million yen. The small-scale dealer has 143 employees.

    Softbank will take over the distribution network developed by the Omron subsidiary, and expand it, the spokesman said.

    The purchased firm will continue to be operated under the name of Omron Micro Computer Systems for the time being, he said.

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