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  • Lucent Tech to Invest in Beijing Software Center
  • July 29, 1998 (BEIJING) -- Lucent Technologies Inc. of the United States will invest RMB200 million (US$23.8 million) in Beijing's Asia Pacific Communications Software Regional Technology Center over the next three years, said Carl Hsu, president of Lucent's Communications Software Business Group.
    The center is part of China's effort to utilize foreign expertise to improve its software industry, and it will hire 200 local experts to develop large software systems.

    Hsu said that China needs management technology and expertise to develop large-scale software systems.

    He noted that although the country has some of the world's top software writers, most Chinese software companies have failed to develop large software systems.

    China has more than 5,000 software companies, and most of them are small. Software sales in China amounted to RMB11 billion in 1997, with foreign products accounting for 70 percent.

    Software developers like Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and Lucent are suppliers of system software to the country's transport, telecommunications, banking and education sectors.

    China has designated the software industry as a major pillar of its economy and directed resources into a Chinese operating system, support systems and various software applications. The country also is sponsoring the first copyright software engineering system to provide state-of-the-art tools for Chinese software developers.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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