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  • Taiwan CD-ROM Drive Makers Boost Production of 40x Models
  • July 30, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Major makers of 40x CD-ROM drives, such as AOpen Inc., Lite-On Technology Corp. and Ultima Electronics Corp., are boosting production of the devices.
    Ultima Electronics is even scheduled to market a 44x CD-ROM model by September.

    Lite-On, which focuses on the production of the 32x model, began 40x CD-ROM production in June.

    A company executive said that from the user's perspective, it would be difficult to ascertain the difference between the 40x, 36x and 34x models. However, producers still tend to replace older models with newer ones, to increase their profits.

    AOpen began ramping up 40x models in June, and it is scheduled to deliver 50,000 units in July.

    A price gap of around US$10 is seen between the 40x and the 34x models. Thus, a heavy burden will be placed on computer makers if the 40x is adopted as the standard.

    AOpen estimates that by the end of this year, production of 40x devices will account for 20 percent of its capacity. The company seeks to develop even faster products.

    Ultima joined the ranks of 40x producers in July. It plans to increase output of 40x devices to 20 percent of its total capacity, and next to produce the 44x model.

    An Ultima manager said the company will market 44x models by September, to become the first company to sell such a product.

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    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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