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  • [Computex Taipei '98] Computex to Attract 892 Companies from 15 Nations
  • June 2, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Computex Taipei '98, the third-largest computer show in the world, is expected to draw 892 companies from 15 nations when it opens June 2 at the Taipei World Trade Center.
    A total of 892 computer, telecom, software and PC peripheral manufacturers are registered to participate in the show, marking a record high. In 1997, the trade show had 865 participants.

    Of these, 805 are domestic firms, and 87 will come from overseas. Several key figures in the industry are set to deliver keynote speeches during the show.

    Computex, Comdex Fall in the United States and CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, are regarded as the three largest computer shows in the world.

    As Taiwan has become the world's third-largest information product supplier, the number of multinational buyers and clients has been on the rise each year recently.

    In 1997, more than 15,000 foreign clients visited the Computex show, and this year the number is expected to top 20,000.

    A round-table meeting on the subject of cross-century development for the integrated circuit and personal computer industries is scheduled for the afternoon of June 3.

    It will be attended by industrial leaders in the fields of semiconductors, information, computers, consumer electronic and communications.

    Brian Halla, CEO of U.S.-based National Semiconductor Corp., and Stan Swearingen, vice president of Cyrix Corp., will speak on the low-priced PC trend, single-chip system solutions and the prevalence of computer products in the future. Speakers from Taiwan include Stan Shih of Acer Corp. and Morris Chang of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    The Computex show is also seen as a golden opportunity for manufacturers to attract export orders for the second half of the year, and a wide range of new products and innovative technology will be exhibited.

    Among these is a Japanese Website meant to attract Japanese buyers.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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