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  • Microware Systems to Ship Personal Java Environment on OS-9 in Japan
  • June 3, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Microware Systems KK of Japan said it would start to ship the PersonalJava environment on the OS-9 real-time operating system in August 1998.
    PersonalJava is the subset of the development and run-time environment of Java. It was designed for use on information equipment with a memory capacity of about 2MB and a small-sized monitor.

    The announcement was made at a seminar held in the Tokyo metropolitan area for developers. The seminar included a demonstration of the Java environment on OS-9.

    In July 1998, the company will start to deliver EnterpriseJava for OS-9 Starter Kit, the PowerPC version of the environment product on which a full set of JDK1.1 was installed. It can work with 8MB memory.

    Following in August 1998, the delivery of PersonalJava for OS-9 Starter Kit will be started with PersonalJava installed in the kit. Microware Systems Japan is expected to continue to deliver other versions corresponding to various processors such as StrongARM, x86 and SH-3.

    During the seminar the JDK1.1.4 environment was operated on a PowerPC/OS-9. Seminar organizers said it requires main memory of 8MB to run the full set of JDK1.1.x on OS-9.

    Peter C. Dibble, senior scientist at Microware Systems Corp. of the United States, said that what motivated the company to port Java onto OS-9 was its experience on the iTV Project implemented by Hongkong Telecom IMS.

    This project aims at providing services such as large-scale video-on-demand and high-speed Internet connections by introducing set-top boxes and high-speed circuits (for ATM, ADSL or optical fiber transmission). It has been officially offering services since March 1998.

    The set-top box is equipped with a Java run-time environment on OS-9 as well as a feature to update applications through networks. NEC Corp. developed hardware for the set-top box.

    In Hongkong Telecom IMS's system, Java is used not only by the set-top box, but also by servers. It is a large-scale system built with a Java server product, KIVA Enterprise Server, and is currently being replaced by Netscape Application Server and the object-oriented database management system ObjectStore.

    Microware Systems of the United States reportedly will obtain a license for an embedded Java environment conforming to unique specifications developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. of the United States and provide it on OS-9. Dibble said a special feature of HP's Java is that "it has less stringent license conditions than Personal Java/EmbeddedJava of Sun Microsystems Inc., and has less power consumption."

    (Nikkei Java Review)

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