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  • Taiwan PC Makers Cut Prices in Response to Intel's Move
  • June 5, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Intel Corp. notified its Taiwan OEM partners that as of June 7 it will lower the prices of its desktop microprocessors by an average of 30 percent and that the price of the Celeron, which is designed for low-end PCs, will be cut by as much as 53 percent.
    Industry observers say that in the midst of a sluggish PC market Intel's move will fuel an already intense price war.

    Intel is cutting the price of its 266MHz Pentium II microprocessor from US$295 to US$195, for a reduction of more than 30 percent. The price of the 266MHz Celeron microprocessor will fall from US$154 to US$101. The 300MHz Celeron will be priced at around US$155 after the reduction, while the 200MHz Pentium MMX will be priced at about US$95.

    In response to Intel's announcement, local PC makers, including Leo Systems (an affiliate of First International Computer Inc.), Acer Sertek Inc., Mitac International Corp., and Synnex Technology International Corp., are reducing the prices of their PCs. On average, the price of a desktop computer with a 266MHz Pentium II microprocessor is expected to fall by around NT$2,500 to NT$3,000.

    Chang Chao-shen, general manager of Leo Systems, said that as of June 10 Leo plans to slash the price of its 233MHz Pentium II desktop model from the current level of NT$41,900. Following the reduction, the price will be in the range of NT$39,900 to NT$40,900, depending on the exchange rate of the NT dollar, Chang added.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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