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  • LG Semicon Develops Innovative 64Mb D-RDRAM Microchip
  • June 5, 1998 (SEOUL) -- LG Semicon Co., Ltd. developed a high-speed 64Mb microchip called a D-RDRAM (direct Rambus dynamic random access memory), with a processing speed of 800MHz, or six times the speed of the latest synchronous DRAMS.
    "With this development, Korea will continue to lead the global memory chip market," said Lee Hee-kook, director of LG Semicon's research institute.

    "Intel Corp. has already agreed to implement our new chips for the main memory of Intel computers," he added.

    Because the new microchip is faster than the speed of an average central processing unit (CPU) it is expected to solve the "bottleneck problem" caused by speed differences between high-speed CPUs and low-speed main memory chips embedded on the same motherboard.

    LG Semicon said it plans to start mass production of its 64Mb D-RDRAMs in October.

    (Maeil Business Newspaper, Korea)

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