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  • [Computex Taipei '98] Taiwan PC Makers Can Succeed in 'XC' Home PCs: Acer CEO
  • June 8, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Computer makers in Taiwan possess the wherewithal required to succeed in the "XC" household PC market, Stan Shin, chairman and CEO of Taiwan's Acer Group, said in his keynote speech at Computex Taipei '98.
    He also stressed that the XC will bring opportunities for Taiwan makers to expand their businesses.

    In November 1997, the Acer Group unveiled the XC, a concept for a suite of products aimed at various PC-based uses for the home such as games and education. It contrasts with the NetPC, which is aimed at corporate networking uses.

    The XC can be classified by use into: "KC" (Kid Computer), "K6C" (Kid under 6 grade Computer), "GC" (Game Computer), "STC" (Set-Top Computer) and "EC" (Education Computer).

    Although the XC inherits technologies such as the built-in x86-based processor, Windows operating system, universal serial bus and the IEEE 1394 interface, efforts are being made to improve user-friendliness by limiting applications to be loaded and peripheral equipment to those suitable for each purpose. Prices will be kept in the range of US$200 to US$1,000.

    Acer said that one of the notable features of the XC is its capability to introduce products in a new market while employing the existing technological infrastructure.

    "PC users account for only 5 percent of the world population. Introducing US$1,000 PCs in the market place will help increase that rate only by a fraction," said Shih, indicating a limit to further penetration of the existing PCs into the household market.

    He reiterated in his address that the XC can reach out to users who never touched PCs because it has the highest priority on price and user friendliness.

    "And, XC shipments will be 10 times those of PCs by 2010," he said.

    Shih said it is important to satisfy user needs flexibly and quickly as well as to have a competitive edge in pricing and a stable supply of parts and custom- made production in order to succeed with the XC.

    "These are the fields in which Taiwan PC makers have the strongest prowess," Shin said, thus giving them a competitive edge in the XC market.
    Stan Shin, chairman and CEO of Acer Group

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