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  • [Computex Taipei '98] Motherboard Makers Expand Product Functions to Attract Buyers
  • June 9, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Taiwan's motherboard makers have slashed prices so much, it appears there's no room left to discount further. Rather, they are now adding functions to differentiate their products.
    These trends were evident at Computex Taipei 98 Computex Taipei '98, a computer industry trade show held June 2-June 5 in Taipei.

    By the third day of the show, motherboard makers were not slashing prices of their products. Industry observers said that might mean the last battle in the price war was so fierce that manufacturers have no room left for more cuts.

    Instead, in an effort to attract buyers, motherboard makers are expanding their functions, each trying to create a product that is superior to those of its competitors.

    An executive from Mycomp Co., a local motherboard maker attending the show, said the low-priced strategy adopted by some companies has dampened profits for everyone. In response, his company recently developed a motherboard using Intel Corp.'s BX CPU, and in which Slot 1 is inserted horizontally, to save space. This product, the first of its kind in Taiwan, is designed for industrial-use computers, and is currently priced at US$400.

    Another company attending the show offered modem cards and mini- notebooks along with its motherboards, while another introduced a new line of products with its own brand name.

    Industry observers said foreign orders for motherboards will probably not grow noticeably until Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system becomes available.

    Most motherboards at the Computex show were priced at around US$70-100. Those equipped with Intel's BX CPU were quoted at US$90 to US$100, while those with the EX were around US$70 to US$80. Socket 7 100MHx motherboards were priced around US$80.

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    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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