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  • Matsushita, Taiwan's ITRI to Cooperate on DVDs
  • June 10, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. and Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) said they will cooperate on digital video discs (DVDs).
    Both will cooperate to make DVD standards. Matsushita will provide its technologies for a DVD Format Verification Laboratory that ITRI plans to establish to check if Taiwan's makers are manufacturing DVDs that conform to the format.

    Matsushita said it made the agreement after ITRI requested such technical provisions. In Taiwan, many makers have started mass production of DVD players and DVD-ROM drives for PCs. Taiwan still relies on Japanese makers for the main and core parts for DVDs, but their production volume is expected to increase on a large scale from now on because the country is a world-class power base for supplying parts for PCs.

    Matsushita said it accepted the request because it thought it could influence ITRI and expand related businesses through its cooperation with the ITRI, which plays a leading role with electronic makers in Taiwan.

    The contents of the agreement are as follows:

    (1) Both are members of the Steering Committee, a supreme executive organ of the DVD Forum, and they shall cooperate to promote the best standardization of a DVD format that can stand internationally for a long time.

    (2) Both shall cooperate to foster the market and a business for DVD -related goods based on standards decided by the DVD Forum.

    (3) Matsushita shall give technical assistance on the verification of the DVD format to a laboratory for verifying the format. Taiwan 's Industrial Technology Research Institute plans to establish that lab.

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