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  • Windows 98 to be Bought by 23 Pct of Japan Users Within 3 Months: Survey
  • June 15, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Some 23 percent of users in Japan said they plan to buy Windows 98 within three months of its release, according to a recent survey.
    The Windows 98 upgrade survey conducted by membership IT data information service 'Nikkei Market Access' against Nikkei Personal Computer magazine readers, asked whether pollees would like to use Windows 98 within one month after sales start and within three months. Some 23 percent answered yes, indicating almost one out of four people would take immediate action to buy the new operating system.

    Those wanting to use Windows 98 within one, three and six months after sales start amounted to 40 percent in total (See chart ). The result indicates Windows 98 will win market share among individuals at a relatively early stage.

    Another 40.9 percent said they may use Windows 98 in the future, meaning 80 percent of individuals polled plan to use Windows 98.

    Windows 98 is expected to have less of a market impact than Windows 95. However, it has been winning interest from current personal computer users.

    Among the users considering trying Windows 98, 39.0 percent (31.2 percent of effective answers) said they would purchase a PC pre-installed with Windows 98 or purchase a PC with a guaranteed free upgrade to Windows 98. Windows 98 appears to be a tool to activate the stagnant individual PC market.

    Among the users who answered they would purchase Windows 98 as a package, 36.4 percent plans to increase memory and 30.7 percent will boost their hard disk drive. Windows 98 will stimulate the PC peripherals market as well. Users purchasing a package compose 51.4 percent of those considering using Windows 98. This is equivalent to 41.0 percent of the total polled.

    'Nikkei Personal Computing' is an information magazine for beginners to pre-advanced business users of PCs. It has the biggest sales among PC magazines in Japan.

    This survey was conducted against 2,000 Nikkei Personal Computer readers by mailing a questionnaire in April 1998. Effective answers were 1,098, and returned answers were 54.9 percent. The average age of answerers was 43.7 and they have owned a personal computer an average of eight years.

    Chart: Windows 98 upgrade survey

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