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  • Computer Virus Damage Falls in Japan in May
  • June 16, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Damage from computer viruses in Japan fell for the second month in a row in May over prior-year figures, according to the Information Technology Promotion Agency.
    The number of reports increased slightly to 142 from April's 133, but it was down 42.2 percent compared to the 230 the same month the previous year.

    April's figure was the first year-on-year decline in 14 months.

    After the emergence of a macro virus, the number of reports on virus damage had been exceeding 200 almost every month. However, the number decreased to 145 in February 1998, followed by 177 in March and 133 in April. This downtrend continued in May.

    However, a new virus was discovered among these reports.

    'AutoStart9805,' infectious to Macintosh machines powered by a Power PC, forces users to restart the computer or damage files by infecting the extensions folder of the Macintosh. The number of reports was 19, the second largest when categorized by kinds of virus.

    New macro virus infectious to Excel and Word were also found.

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