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  • Half-size Web Banners Prove Cost Effective, Ad Group Says
  • June 17, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Half-size Web banners often generate click-through rates that are equal to 75 percent of the rates for regular size banners, according to a recent survey conducted by the Japan Advertisers Association Inc.
    The survey also showed that if the Web banner expands to double or triple in size, the number of clicks will increase by 60 percent and 150 percent, respectively. The click through rates account for the percentage of clicks on a specific banner to the total page views for those banner pages. A page view refers to a single screen of content in a browser window.

    This is the first time that the association has compiled such a quantitative analysis measuring the effectiveness of advertisement banners. The survey was conducted between October and December 1997 on banners appearing on Web pages of Infoseek Japan's search engine run by Digital Garage of Japan.

    The surveyed banners included those of Toyota Motor Corp., Shiseido Co. Ltd., Shogakukan Inc., McDonald's Japan and NEC Corp. During the survey period, banners were carried on a total of 9.34 million page views.

    The number of clicks was counted separately on banners carried on two different pages -- an HTML file page which allows users to get a pop-up menu on a banner and an animated GIF page which automatically displays GIF images. The former marked a more than 100 percent rise in the click rating, compared with that for a plain banner, and the latter posted a 50 percent climb.

    Also, the survey counted the number of clicks on a banner before and after searching information via the Infoseek Japan search engine.

    As a result, it was found that when the number of search results were reduced to one-tenth, the click rating was some 100 percent higher than when a banner was randomly placed on a Web page.

    The association will market a book containing the survey results with a CD-ROM (in Japanese) and will also hold a seminar on the survey on July 7 in Tokyo.

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