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  • IDO Sets Low Rate For Toyota Car Navigation Info Service
  • June 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- IDO Corp. announced that the Monet information service aimed at car navigation systems offered by an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corp. is available to mobile phone users at a rate of 10 yen (US$0.06) per minute.
    A flat rate of 10 yen a minute will be charged regardless of the location of receiving the information.

    Monet is an information service aimed at car navigation systems offered by Toyota Media Station Inc. The service was launched in November 1997.

    By connecting a Monet-compatible car navigation system to a mobile phone, Monet is designed to provide and display on a car navigation monitor such information as traffic conditions, news, weather forecasts, as well as on-demand information on facilities such as restaurants and hospitals. Email communications also are possible.

    IDO and Toyota Media Station are utilizing the "Data-On-Demand Service" of Teleway Corp. to realize the rate of 10 yen a minute from any location.

    Teleway's Data-On-Demand Service is being used by many Internet service providers as a means to establish an access point.

    Both IDO and Teleway are subsidiaries of Toyota Motor, and thus the new service is considered to be a group strategy of Toyota Motor.

    Meanwhile, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. expects to launch a similar service in the summer, via Compass Link, which was established in December 1997.

    Compass Link can provide a service similar to that of Monet, and it also offers a service menu designed to simplify the operation of car navigation systems with a mobile phone and a navigation system connected. Drivers can determine destinations by themselves and can communicate directly with an operator at an information center.

    Tu-Ka Phone Kansai Inc., whose parent company is Nissan Motor, invested in Compass Link at the time of its establishment. Two other Tu-Ka affiliates and six Digital Tu-Ka affiliates made capital investments in the company at the end of May 1998. This appears to be a group strategy by Nissan, similar to that of Monet.

    NTT Mobile Communications Network Inc., Japan's largest mobile communications company, has invested in both Toyota Media Station and Compass Link.

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