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  • Corporate Users Worried Over Y2K Problem, JIPDEC Says
  • June 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Corporate computer users are most concerned about the Year 2000 date-change (Y2K) problem among all IT-related topics, according to a survey conducted by the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC).
    The survey was reported in JIPDEC's Informatization White Paper 1998 , which covers fiscal 1997. Japanese companies are said to be slow in coping with the Y2K problem, but they finally appear to be recognizing it as a serious problem.

    JIPDEC sent questionnaires to 4,717 companies and obtained 1,145 answers. The survey was conducted from Oct. 25 to Nov. 14, 1997, and the response rate was 24.3 percent.

    According to the survey, 47.2 percent of the companies answered that their greatest concern is the Y2K problem. In the year-earlier survey, the greatest concern was groupware and Y2K ranked second.

    In the most recent survey, groupware dropped to fourth (37.2 percent ) and intranets ranked second (45.3 percent). Intranets had ranked fourth at 43.3 percent in the year-earlier survey.

    The number of companies relying on groupware is substantial: 477 out of the 1,145 companies use groupware, while only 292 firms utilize intranets. Groupware users mainly utilize text, while intranet users employ multimedia information including voice and images.

    On the matter of groupware and intranets as in-house corporate electronic bulletin boards, 81.6 percent of groupware users answered that they utilized text information while 48.6 percent of those with intranets utilized text. Meanwhile, 15.9 percent of groupware users employed multimedia information as opposed to 23.6 percent for intranet users.

    The Informatization White Paper 1998 introduces ways to deal with electronic commerce (EC) and electronic data interchange (EDI) in Japan, and it surveyed Japanese cases and trends. Moreover, it says that Japanese firms must take the initiative in the fields of EC and EDI to enhance their competitive edges and to further develop their technologies.

    The Informatization White Paper 1998 (Japanese language version), released June 18, is priced at 5,000 yen (US$35). The English language digest version is scheduled for release after the Japanese version.

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