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  • Roland Releases Audio Processor Equipped with USB Interface
  • June 19, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Roland Corp. released the UA-100 audio processor equipped with a universal serial bus (USB) interface.
    It converts sounds picked up by a microphone, like guitar sounds, to digital data to send to a personal computer for recording. Audio data sent from a PC is replayed by the UA-100. The UA-100 is equipped with a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI).

    The UA-100 is a device with an external sound board for a PC. It is characterized by easy handling of high-quality audio.

    The specifications include: high-quality, 20-bit audio applied to both A-D and D-A converters, a built-in effector, MIC1/GUITAR, MIC2 and LINE IN (L/R) for an input terminal, LINE OUT (L/R) for an output terminal, optical digital output and a headphone jack.

    The sampling rate is 44.1kHz/22.05kHz/11.025kHz. As the UA-100 is equipped with an optical digital output terminal, a mini disk (MD) recorder and digital audio tape (DAT) recorder with an optical digital input terminal record the data in digital format as it is.

    The built-in effector has functions such as multi-effect for vocal /guitar, two groups of voice transformers to change voice quality and pitch and an insertion effect for the SC-88Pro, the company's MIDI sound generator, in addition to reverb and chorus features.

    The MIDI is built with two groups of input and output connections each, without a built-in MIDI sound generator.

    It sells for 49,900 yen (US$350), and will be sold at shops in July 1998 if the Japanese version of Windows 98 is launched as scheduled.

    The company forecasts 50,000 units in initial year sales.

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