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  • U.S. Sematech Warns of Y2K Problem at IC Plants
  • June 29, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The year 2000 millennium bug is a serious issue at IC plants, according to Gray M. Gettel, factory integration director of Sematech Inc. of the United States.
    According to Gettel, Sematech has tackled the so-called Y2K issue at most IC plants in the United States. It provides 20 test items to verify whether manufacturing equipment for semiconductors will operate accurately after the year 2000.

    The company applied the test to manufacturing equipment at plants and found that 94 percent of them did not operate accurately, he said.

    Likewise, Texas Instruments Inc. of the United States performed the test at its PC-controlled plasma reactors. The reactors weren't accurate enough to clear the checked items.

    "The year 2000 issue at IC plants is impending, and there's a fear that operations of the whole plant may stop. We may have to think of it as the number one priority rather than the 300-mm wafer issue ," Gettel said.

    Sematech held a work shop in January of this year to cope with the Y 2K problem for makers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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