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  • Sony to Launch Sales of New DVD-ROM Discman
  • June 30, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Sony Corp. released its new PBD-D50 portable DVD-ROM Discman player, which can be powered by batteries.
    The new player (See chart ) can be connected to portable computers via a PC card. It also can be connected to ordinary TV sets. Users will be able to enjoy watching DVD video software when they are away from home. The PBD-D50 is to be priced at 90,000 yen (US$640).

    When the player is connected to a PC, DVD data can be downloaded from the player at 1,350KB per second, while CD-ROM data can be downloaded at either 8x speed (when using the AC adapter to power the player) or 4x speed (when using batteries). The type of disk formats that can be used with the player are DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R, multi-session photo CD, CD extra, electronic books, video CD and music CD.

    A special PC connection kit (PBDKIT-PC1W), which is required if a user wants to connect the player to a PC, is available for an additional 14,000 yen (US$100). The kit comprises an integrated PC card (Type II)/SCSI cable, along with all the necessary installation software (on a 3.5-in. floppy disk drive). It is compatible with all Windows 95 machines.

    The player itself functions as both a DVD and CD player. It is equipped with an internal MPEG2 decoder. Its horizontal resolution for video data is 500 lines. In addition to the conventional output jacks, those for analog video/sound data, S video and head phones, the unit also has an optical output jack for outputting digital sound data. It also can be used to provide playback of video CDs and music CDs, as well as DVD videos.

    When using the unit as a DVD or CD player, all of the necessary control buttons are located on the front of the player. However, the unit also can be operated by means of the wireless remote controller that is supplied with it.

    The unit's power source can be either the AC adapter that comes with it or lithium ion batteries that are sold separately. The batteries that can be used with the player are types NP-F730, NP-F750, NP-F930 and NP-F950. If the NP-F950 type, which has the longest life, is used to power the unit, it is capable of providing continuous playback of DVD video data for 3.6 hours.

    The unit itself weighs approximately 570g, and it measures 149.6 mm (wide) x 182.3 mm (deep) x 33.3 mm (high).

    The player will go on sale July 10. Sony said that for the time being it will be producing 3,000 units per month.

    Chart: DVD-ROM Discman PBD-D50

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