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  • Taiwan CD-ROM Drive Makers Focus on Different Speeds
  • March 6, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- With home-grown DVD-ROM drives expected to debut in the second quarter of 1998, Taiwan's CD-ROM makers are focusing less on boosting product speeds and more on new strategies to compete.
    CD-ROM drives already are a mature technology that will be replaced gradually by more advanced DVD-ROM drives, market watchers said.

    In addition, CD-ROM drives of 32x, 34x and 36x speeds are regarded in the market as just about equal in terms of both price and technology.

    Observers said some Taiwan CD-ROM drive makers have stopped upgrading the speed of their products.

    Lite-On Technology Corp. has decided to keep manufacturing 32x CD-ROM drives rather than make faster products.

    PAN International Industrial Corp. is also likely to stop at the 32x level.

    Nonetheless, some companies still plan to offer CD-ROM drives with higher speeds.

    Japan's Toshiba Corp. will skip 36x products and begin manufacturing 40x models. Advanced Information Inc. is also likely to make 40x products. The company has begun making 36x models, which is the highest-speed CD-ROM drive ever made by local manufacturers.

    Asustek Computer Inc. made its debut in the CD-ROM drive market with 34x models.

    Behavior Tech Computer Corp. and Acer Peripherals Inc. both claim that they will introduce 36x or 40x CD-ROM drives next quarter.

    Prices of CD-ROM drives are in a state of chaos in Taiwan. Currently, 24x models sell at US$42 apiece, which is very close to the manufacturing cost of the product. Prices of 32x, 34x and 36x models are all around US$60.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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