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  • Intel Reveals Two-Year Product Plans
  • March 13, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Intel KK of Japan held a closed-door seminar to explain its strategies for the next two years to 58 personal computer and peripheral device makers, industry sources said.
    At the Feb. 26 seminar, called Intel Architecture Associates, Intel said it would divide uses and prices of personal computers into six categories.

    It said that in the next two years, different processors and peripheral chip sets would be used in line with each category.

    According to the sources, after shipping a processor called Celeron for low-priced computers by the end of June, Intel will market new products in line with the uses and prices of computers every three to six months. Celeron was code-named Covington when it was being developed.

    However, many makers reportedly were confused by Intel's new strategy. They said the new plan is different from the one presented by Intel six months ago, and that the interval between shipments of new products is too short.

    A major personal computer maker said that he had no choice but follow Intel's plan, even though company efforts would be a waste if Intel changed its plan again.

    Another personal computer maker said that he had to review his company's development system so that it could keep pace with Intel's new processor for desktop computers every six months.

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