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  • NEC Depicts Future of Microchips in 2010
  • March 17, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. chief engineer Akihiko Morino laid out an image of the future for microchips from 2000 to 2010 at the opening session of the International Forum Semiconductor Technology '98 held March 9-10 in Kyoto.
    As an example of a microchip in 2000-2003, he introduced a single-chip digital TV-receiver device. It will use 0.18-micron design rules and accommodate 250 million transistors in a single chip measuring 15mm x 15mm.

    Its power supply voltage will be 1.8V and power consumption will be 3W.

    It will integrate functions such as a microprocessor, frame buffers using a 64Mb DRAM and an analog to digital converter.

    As an example from 2005-2010, he introduced a single chip for multimedia personal computers. It will use 0.1-micron design rules and integrate 2 billion transistors onto a chip measuring 10mm x 10mm.

    Its power supply voltage will be 0.9V and power consumption will be 5W.

    Functions such as a microprocessor, an MPEG2 encoder and decoder, a 1Gb DRAM, secondary cache memory and LCD controllers will be integrated onto the single chip.

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