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  • Toshiba Europe to Ship DVD-RAM Drives in April
  • March 23, 1998 (HANNOVER, Germany) -- Toshiba Europe GmbH of Germany said it intends to start shipping its SD-W1101 DVD-RAM drive to OEM manufacturers in April.
    The timing of the announcement was made to coincide with the CeBIT 98 computer industry trade fair being held in the German city of Hannover, March 19-25.

    The SD-W1101 drive is capable of both reading and writing on disks that conform to the recently finalized specifications of the DVD-RAM version 1.0 format. These disks have a data storage capacity of 2.6GB on each recording surface: a total of 5.2GB of memory for each double-sided disk, and 2.6GB for a single-sided disk.

    In order to make the new drive possible, the company developed a new laser diode that is capable of emitting at both 650nm and 780nm wavelengths. The drive employs an SCSI standard interface and has an average access time of 150 milliseconds.

    The drive measures 146mm wide x 41.3mm high x 203mm deep and weighs a little less than 1.2kg.

    The drive can also be used for 2x DVD-ROM, DVD-R, 16x CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW applications.

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