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  • China Expects Lower Growth in Computer Sales
  • March 23, 1998 (BEIJING) -- Sales of computers in China are expected to reach RMB165 billion (about US$19.88 billion) in 1998, according to the 1997 Review of the China Computer Market and Forecasts for 1998-2000.
    The projected growth of 27 percent, from the RMB130 billion sales recorded in 1997, would be 14 percentage points lower than the level of growth in 1997. China's computer market in 1997 surged 41.3 percent over that of 1996.

    The review was compiled by the Center of Computer and Microelectronic Industry Development Research (CCID) under the Ministry of Electronics.

    The Center predicts that China's computer market will grow to nearly RMB200 billion in 1999, and to RMB240 billion by 2000.

    Each of the three areas of the computer industry, hardware, software and information services, are registering rapid growth.

    The total value of China's imports and exports of computers reached US$13.16 billion, up 33.1 percent from the previous year.

    (Xinhua News Agency)

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