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  • Nikon to Sell Digital Camera With 3x Zoom Lens
  • March 23, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Nikon Corp. said it will start selling its "Coolpix900" digital camera with a Nikkor-brand 3x zoom lens for 110,000 yen (US$840) starting April 25.
    Coolpix900 (See chart.) is Nikon's first digital camera to use Nikkor lenses. The Nikkor brand is given exclusively to lenses designed and developed by Nikon. Other digital cameras or low-priced models of silver halide compact cameras are loaded with a "Nikon Lens."

    The focus range is 5.8-17.4mm. Filming distance is 50cm at the shortest. For macro filming, a distance of up to 8cm from the front of the lens on the wide side is possible. Resolution at the center part of the screen is more than 150 units per mm.

    Focus functions move in the following two modes: continuous AF mode, where the focus is continuously matched to the field while the liquid-crystal display (LCD) is in use, and single AF mode, where the focus is only set once after placing your finger on the shutter button while the LCD is not in use.

    The CCD is 1/2.7 in. and has 1.3 million pixels.

    Along with a 2-in. color TFT-LCD, the finder is also loaded with an optical zoom/finder that interlocks with zooming of filming lens. This results in changes in scaling ratio by any factor ranging from 0.44 to 1.2.

    The finder is equipped with a mode called "Monochrome mode," which is used exclusively for black and white filming, thus enabling a resolution of about 1.5 times that of color images.

    JPEG for the image compression format and Exif2.0 for the recording format have been adopted. The recording medium uses CompactFlash, which is a large stamp memory card. There are two types of image recording sizes: 1,280 x 960 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels.

    Nikon at the same time announced a compact camera, the Coolpix600, that is 109.5mm wide x 60mm high x 44.5mm deep and weighing 210g. It is equipped with a 1.08-million-pixel CCD. This model costs 74,000 yen (US$570).

    In addition, Nikon announced the LS-2000 film scanner. It detects dirt or a scratch on the film to get spotless pictures. It costs 198,000 yen (US$1,520).

    Nikon will roll out all the models on April 25.

    Chart: Digital Camera Coolpix900

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