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  • Hitachi to Sell External DVD-RAM Drive in Mid April
  • March 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Hitachi Ltd. said it will begin selling its GF-1055 external DVD-RAM drive for use with Windows 95 on April 15.
    The price is open, but it is expected to be around 100,000 yen (US$770) at stores.

    It has a capacity of 2.6GB on one surface and 5.2GB on both sides for both recording/replaying, and supports DVD-ROM, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW for replaying.

    This DVD-RAM drive runs as a read/write-enabled drive or as a read-only drive, depending on the media inserted. Thus, two drive-letters are assigned for them on PCs. For example, when DVD-RAM media is employed, it appears on the E: drive; when other media is applied, it is on the F: drive.

    Hitachi's new DVD-RAM has a transfer rate of 1.38MB/second, a standard speed, but the DVD-ROM can read at 2x speed or 2.76MB/second. When a CD is inserted, it functions as an 8x speed CD-ROM drive or runs at 1.2MB/second.

    The DVD drive employs universal disk format as its file format standard.

    It interfaces via SCSI-2 and its MPEG decoder board required for replaying MPEG-based images is under verification. Currently, I-O Data Device Inc.'s products are proved to be operative with the drive.

    Its external measurements are 180mm wide x 343mm deep x 50mm high and weighs around 3kg.

    Hitachi plans to sell 5,000 units/month and raise that to 10,000 units/month by the end of 1998.

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