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  • Olympus to Sell Digital Camera With 1.31M Pixels
  • March 24, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. said it will release on April 14 the Camedia C-840L compact digital camera with 1.31 million pixels.
    Measuring 128mm wide x 65mm high x 45mm deep and weighing about 245g, the price is 84,800 yen (US$652).

    This new model is a successor to the current model Camedia C-820L See chart.) with 0.81 million pixels and launched in July 1995. The price is the same.

    It is able to store photo images in two resolutions: 1,280 x 960 pixels in high-quality mode and of 640 x 480 pixels in standard mode. The images are compressed in JPEG mode.

    Smart Media, a stamp-sized memory card, is to be adopted as the recording medium.

    With the 8MB Smart Media, data storage can be more than 18 or 36 images in high quality image mode based on the compression rate and more than 122 images in standard image mode.

    The focal distance of the lens is 5.5mm. Minimum shooting distance is 0.5m, but it could be 0.1m for macro shooting.

    Automatic focus system and through the lens system to find contrast are adopted.

    Besides a 2-in. color thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display finder, another optical finder for real images is included.

    Adjusting functions for white balance are improved to reduce the correction to be better than that of the Camedia C-820L. The image taken is bluer than expected when, for example, a subject with 3,000 degree kelvin color temperature is shot by Camedia C-820L.

    As an input and output interface, an external electric terminal, a serial terminal and an NTSC output video terminal are included. An external power supply can be used as can three AA batteries.

    Olympus plans to produce 10,000 units per month. When it releases the C-840L, it will stop producing the current model C-820L and get rid of the stock.

    The Olympus product line of digital cameras will consist of following four kinds: single-lens reflex C-1400L models with 1.41 million pixels and C-1000L models with 0.85 million pixels, and the compact C-840L with 1.31 million pixels and C-420L with 0.35 million pixels.

    Chart: Camedia C-840L

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