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  • China Has Five Computers Per 100 Urban Families
  • March 26, 1998 (FUZHOU, China) -- China has become the largest personal computer market in the Asia Pacific region, with five computers per 100 urban families.
    In the past two years, PC sales in China have shot up 40 percent a year.

    Traditionally, computers have been mainly the tool of families of intellectuals or specialists. But one official from the Ministry of Electronics Industry predicted that, with the improvements in the standard of living and the further use of computers, more people will welcome this new family member.

    When one looks at the 20 million TV sets sold every year in China, the official said, it indicates great potential for computers.

    He said in some parts of China, there are three computers for every 100 families, and in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the figure increases to five per 100. The Chinese government is working out policies to support the development of the computer industry.

    OR: (Xinhua News Agency

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