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  • Sony, Philips Hold License Meeting for Super Audio CDs
  • March 26, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Sony Corp. and Philips Electronics N.V. of the Netherlands held a licensing meeting on their royalty-free strategy for Super Audio CDs, a next-generation optical disk format for music, in Tokyo.
    A total of 75 companies, all licensees of the conventional CD formats, attended the meeting.

    Sony and Philips had previously revealed a royalty-free policy for Super Audio CDs. However, they charged the participants US$5,000 as a disclosure fee for a Super Audio CD format book at the meeting.

    Companies that have been paying royalties for the conventional CD formats will be allowed to produce Super Audio CD products after simply paying the disclosure fee.

    Royalties for the conventional CD formats are US$25,000 for CD players and the same amount for CDs.

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    Sony, Philips Offer Nominal Royalty on Super Audio CDs

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