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  • More Notebook PCs to Come Equipped With DVD Drives
  • March 27, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Acer Inc., Twinhead International Corp., First International Computer Co., Ltd. and other makers of notebook PCs have either launched or plan to launch products equipped with 2x DVD drives.
    Twinhead was the first local company to launch a DVD-equipped notebook PC.

    New 13-in. TFT-LCDs, 56Kbps modems, a USB interface, MPEG II software, highly efficient designs, DVD drives and Dolby AC-3 stereo systems are becoming standard equipment in notebook PCs, according to Twinhead's marketing director Chan Mei-ling.

    The DVD disks have a memory of at least 4.7GB, or six times that of a CD-ROM disk. And as the DVD drives are able to run high-definition images for 135 minutes and support multilingual subtitle systems, they are expected to replace CD-ROM drives by the second half of the year, Chan said.

    First International Computer is scheduled to launch its DVD notebook PC in early April.

    The Institute for Information Industry (III), a think tank for Taiwan, also predicted that with the introduction of DVD notebook PCs, overall notebook sales will grow 30 percent, to 140,000 units in Taiwan this year.

    Huang Wei-cheng, a market analyst at III, said that Taiwan-made notebook PCs are catching up with desktops in capabilities and performance, as Pentium 250MHz, 260MHz and Pentium MMX120 microprocessors were phased out of the notebook PC market and replaced by faster products. Sales of notebook PCs increased 45 percent in 1997.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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