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  • Anixter Builds ATM Network for Airbus China Training Center
  • March 31, 1998 (HONG KONG) -- Anixter Inc., a U.S. networking and cabling solutions company, built an ATM backbone network for Airbus Industrie China at its new CASC-Airbus Training Center in Beijing.
    Under the contract, worth US$250,000, Anixter supplied the Training Center with six Bay Networks Inc. Centillion 100 ATM switches and 20 BayStack hubs.

    Anixter also enhanced the original network topology, effectively changing the specifications from those recommended by Airbus specialists in Toulouse, France.

    "Toulouse recommended a star topology with all servers connected to a single C100," said Ronald Fons, director of professional services at Anixter Greater China.

    "We reviewed the requirements and suggested that the topology should be changed to a fully meshed backbone, so that each multimedia server can connect to three of the five switches. As a result, we can provide Airbus with a fully redundant solution," Fons said.

    Located near the Capital Airport in Beijing, the CASC-Airbus Training Center is a joint venture between China Aviation Supplies Import and Export Corp. (CASC) and Airbus Industrie China. The center is part of an Airbus Industrie global training and support network.

    The center specializes in video-based training. The supporting infrastructure consists of more than 60 client PCs and four servers running Novell NetWare. Each server is connected to the C100s by three dedicated fast Ethernet links, for built-in redundancy, and each PC is connected to a C100 via a dedicated Ethernet link, according to Anixter.

    "We were very impressed with the reference sites Anixter put forward, particularly the North China Power Group, which has four Centillion switches in a full-mesh topology," said Roger Poentis, external sites director, Information Services at Airbus Industrie.

    "Anixter installed all of the equipment in a week, delivering a physical and logical full-mesh, highly resilient ATM backbone," he said.

    The company has already tested the system. Each C100 was connected to the other four via four 155Mbps ATM links. Even after cutting three of the four links, the C100s remained connected. When the video applications were tested, the 60 PCs ran the program concurrently and the playback on each of them was smooth.

    The CASC-Airbus Training Center is part of the first combined aerospace training and customer support site in China. The site comprises three separate buildings for training, spare parts servicing and Airbus Industrie China offices, with a total area of 40,000 sq. m.

    The 8,200-sq.-m. training center features advanced training, including video and computer-based instruction classrooms, procedure trainers, cabin crew trainers and flight simulators for the Airbus A320 and A340 planes. The 5,000-sq.-m. support center maintains a stock of more than 16,000 parts and is able to satisfy 80 percent of spare part servicing requests from Airbus operators in China and the region.

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    (Keith Chan, Asia BizTech Correspondent)

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