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  • Information Mega-Stores Express Keen Interest in DVDs
  • May 6, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Taiwan industry observers are still optimistic about the digital video-disc (DVD) business, despite the thin sales and profits frequently reported by local pioneers.
    DVD products are classified as audio-video products, and are sold normally by home appliance retailers. However, information retailers have recently begun to pay more attention to the products, and set up large stores specifically for their sale due to their promising future.

    An expectation that DVDs will come up as mainstream audio-video products in the next century has boosted operator confidence, even though the market is currently somewhat limited.

    DVD demand in Japan and the United States has been booming. Demand for DVD players in Japan settled at 1.5 million units last year, and is expected to hit 3.6 million units this year. By 1999, DVD sales are expected to grow to 5 million units, and to 10 million units by the year 2000.

    Taiwan's leading information mega-stores, such as Pacific T-Zone, Teco's 3C Land and a distributor established by Aurora Corp. have set up special DVD sales areas.

    An Aurora spokesman said that the decrease in the number of work days this year and the resulting increase in leisure time will help boost the popularity of DVDs. The company is now displaying DVD players, DVD-Video and related products at its chain stores. Pacific T-Zone is displaying similar products.

    Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III) said that after just over one year of development, many companies have already introduced the second generation of DVD-Video products. Two types of portable DVDs have already appeared on the market, and these products are expected to become a market focus in the months to come.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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