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  • Scanners, CD-ROM Drives Are Q1 Winners in Taiwan
  • May 7, 1998 (TAIPEI) -- Peripheral products were the best performers in Taiwan's information industry in the first quarter of 1998.
    And among peripherals, scanners and CD-ROM drives stood at the top of the list, with production growing by more than 80 percent from one year ago.

    Statistics from the Institute for Information Industry (III) show that Taiwan's CD-ROM drive production reached 6.82 million units in the first quarter of 1998.

    This marks an increase of 85.3 percent from the 3.681 million units reported one year ago.

    Scanner production reported a similar performance, increasing from 1.86 million units in the first quarter of 1997 to 3.82 million during the same period this year, up a sharp 83.9 percent.

    The outstanding performance in scanner and CD-ROM drive production was helped by the prevalence of low-priced PC products, allowing consumers to budget for more peripherals.

    The CD-ROM drive has now become a standard feature, and up to 17 percent of personal computers now come equipped with these products.

    Sources in the industry estimate that in the first quarter of this year, Taiwan-made CD-ROM drives accounted for 42 percent of the global market for these products.

    The number of operators increased noticeably in the period, with five makers entering the market since the fourth quarter of 1997.

    Scanner prices are said to still have downside room untapped, in spite of the recent drops.

    The home appliance market is especially sensitive to changes in price, and as more consumers are now purchasing scanners for home use, the price cuts are expected to further stimulate demand.

    (Commercial Times, Taiwan)

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