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  • Reports of Computer Viruses Decline Substantially
  • May 13, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) said that 133 cases of computer virus damage were reported in Japan in April, or 33.5 percent fewer than in the same month a year earlier.
    It was the lowest figure since April 1997. This is the first time since February 1997 that the number of cases reported to the IPA each month declined in comparison with the previous year. As the first year-on-year decrease for fourteen months, the latest figures indicate that virus damage may be subsiding.

    From April 1997, when macro virus infections through document files first started to create havoc, over 200 cases of virus damage were reported every month until January 1998, except for December when the number of working days was lower than usual.

    The record of over 200 monthly damage reports was broken for two months in a row, however, with 145 cases reported in February and 177 in March, followed in April by the lowest figure for a year.

    When macro viruses first appeared, damage spread rapidly because anti-virus software packages were powerless to prevent them and infection was readily transmitted through email attachments and other means.

    Virus damage is now much less evident, following advances that anti-virus software vendors have made in products that can protect computers against macro virus infections. Some software companies claim that they can develop and provide a vaccine within 48 hours of the appearance of a new type of virus.

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