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  • Toshiba Depicts Future of PC-on-a-Chip Technology
  • May 15, 1998 (TOKYO) -- A PC-on-a-chip microchip that integrates all the necessary functions for a personal computer will be put onto the market in 2003-2005, said Hidemi Ishiuchi of Toshiba Corp.'s Microelectronics Engineering Lab.
    Ishiuchi depicted the future of such chips in an address entitled "Process Integration of Embedded DRAMs" at the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuit Conference '98 (CICC'98) international symposium held in Santa Clara, CA, from May 11.

    A PC-on-a-chip will come true using the 0.12-0.13 micron design rule, and then integrating a 512Mb DRAM and 2 million logic gates onto a chip, Ishiuchi said.

    He also said that system ICs in the 0.12-0.13 micron era must have a dual-gate oxide film structure.

    That means the thickness of the gate oxide film of a digital signal processing circuit will be 2-3nm and that of analog circuits and input-output interfaces will be about 4-5nm. The performance of the system ICs will be improved by those thicknesses.

    Ishiuchi recommended that semiconductor businesses should use embedded DRAM processes as the technology driver for semiconductor technologies in the emerging era of system ICs.

    Processes for logic circuits and general purpose DRAMs will be formulated by subtracting unnecessary processes from the embedded DRAM process, he said.

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