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  • Sony Introduces New Glasstron Eyeglass Type Display
  • May 15, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Sony Corp. announced May 11 the release of its PLM-A55, a new model of Glasstron, an eyeglass-type head mounted display (HMD), to be priced at 77,000 yen (US$580) and sold from June 10.
    PLM-A55 (See chart.) follows the PLM-100 model, which has been discontinued. The PLM- A55 features a light weight of about 150g, less than half of the PLM-100's 370g. Sony expects its monthly output will reach 5,000 units.

    A magnesium alloy is used for the display part to make it lighter, and a wire alloy is used for the head-belt, Sony said.

    The screen display specifications are the same as for the PLM- 100. It uses two 0.7-in. liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with 180,000 pixels. Sony said that users can experience a virtual viewing level of a 52-in. screen set two meters in front of the viewer.

    Power source boxes are sold separately. When the NP-F550 for a lithium-ion battery is attached, the display can play continuously for up to two hours and 20 minutes, or the same duration as for the PLM-100. If another power source box (EBP-L7) for 1.5V batteries is attached, it can play for about two hours using six alkaline dry cells.

    Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. announced a similar type of HMD, called Eye-Trek, on April 14, and it is slated to ship the device from June 20.

    Chart: PLM-A55

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