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  • Average PC Sales Price at Retailers Declined in April
  • May 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The average retail price for PCs was 244,437 yen (US$1,820) for desktop/tower types as of April 14, a decline of 1.8 percent or 4,480 yen (US$33) compared to the previous month.
    As for notebooks, the average retail price was 274,204 yen (US$2,050), down 1.3 percent, or 3,628 yen (US$27).

    These figures are the result of data complied by "Nikkei Market Access" based on a monthly survey on PC retail prices conducted by the PC purchase guide "Nikkei Best PC" (See chart.).

    Although the average sales price is declining, the average margin was at the lowest level since the beginning of this year, according to the survey.

    Many retailers are optimistic about the prospects for the PC market. According to retailers of household electric appliances, demand has been high for air conditioners from mid-April in Kanto and other regions and PC sales have slowed.

    Additionally, the launch of Windows 98 is scheduled for July, which has prevented some prospective purchasers from making up their minds. Various manufacturers started offering free upgrade services in May, but some demand was dampened.

    Nevertheless, Nikkei Market Access believes that PC retail prices are not likely to decline soon. That is because PC manufacturers do not have large inventories, and it is assumed that the inventories won't grow much prior to the launch of the summer models in June.

    The survey was performed independently by Nikkei Best PC on retail prices of leading models at 14 major PC mass marketing outlets in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, and the results are shown in the magazine each month.

    The results are analyzed by dividing types into certain categories, the desktop/tower type and notebooks to show the respective average retail prices. The prices by outlet and by model as of April 14 appear in the June issue of Nikkei Best PC (in Japanese).

    Chart: Average retail price for PCs (source: Nikkei Best PC)

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    (Nikkei Market Access)

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