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  • Sharp Exhibits Two Mobile PCs With Reflective LCDs
  • May 22, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Sharp is exhibiting two mobile PCs with reflective type color thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) at the "Business Show '98 TOKYO" held at the Tokyo BigSite from May 19 through May 22.
    One of the products exchanges a transparent type TFT-LCD on the thin notebook PC called Mebius Note PJ (PC-PJ1), which Sharp announced on May 18, for a reflective type color TFT-LCD (See chart.) called Super Mobile Liquid Crystal.

    A Sharp official said the product will likely be available within this year.

    Compared with the PC-PJ1, which uses a transparent type TFT-LCD, the operating time on the battery is improved by about 30 percent.

    Also, the company is exhibiting a Power Zaurus MI-610 personal digital assistant equipped with the reflective type color TFT-LCD. Sharp has not yet decided when to put it on sale.

    The reflective type LCD works by reflecting natural light entering through the front of the display. Both models at the show have front lights attached at the bottom of the displays, allowing the screens to be seen even in dark areas.

    Sharp also exhibited models of Mebius Note PJ painted in metallic colors and black.

    A Sharp official said the company seeks to introduce models designed with a sense of fun, but that it is still judging the responses of people attending the show.

    Chart: Mebius Note with reflective type LCD (as a sample)

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