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  • Japan Sets Tentative Regulations on Internet Music Payments
  • May 27, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) reached an agreement with the Network Music Rights Conference (NMRC) to set tentative payment regulations for music distributed via the Internet.
    It made the announcement at a press conference May 20.

    JASRAC, the music copyright authorizer, and NMRC, with nine participating organizations including the multimedia title producers' association, have been negotiating on terms of copyright payments regarding interactive distribution, but progess was slow.

    However, JASRAC said that each parties' standing its own ground would only continue an unfavorable situation for copyright holders where their music is distributed without copyright payments.

    "Regulations to be made in June will be tentative and valid only for the copyright payments to be made by March 1999," said JASRAC. Official payment regulations after April 1999 will be discussed with NMRC.

    Regarding copyright payments for interactive distribution, JASRAC proposed collecting a fixed charge when companies store music in a distribution server, and collecting fees according to the number of copies distributed to the users. But NMRC said fees should be paid depending on the number of copies distributed and in regard to introduction of a basic charge.

    JASRAC told NMRC that a double structure of basic and distribution charges cannot be changed. The reaching of the tentative regulations by the two parties appears to move ahead conditions surrounding fixed and distribution charges.

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