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  • Demand For 32-bit Embedded Microcomputers Growing At Brisk Pace
  • May 26, 1998 (TOKYO) -? Global demand for 32-bit or higher capacity embedded microcomputers is expected to reach about 299.2 million units in 2000, according to Nikkei Market Access, a membership information service.
    That level of demand would be about 2.8 times the demand in 1997. (See chart )

    In 1997, a total of 28.2 percent of 32-bit embedded microcomputers shipped went to video game machines. This tops other buyers of the devices. In 1998, demand from game machine makers is expected to reach about 23.3 percent.

    Sega Enterprises Ltd. plans to market a new video game machine in the later half of 1998. That game machine is powered by Hitachi Ltd.'s SH series devices.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. uses LSI Logic Corp.'s microcomputers for its PlayStation machine, but the company will soon replace them with devices from Toshiba Corp.

    The NINTENDO64 of Nintendo Co., Ltd. is powered by NEC Corp.'s devices, so all microcomputers for video game machines will be Japanese-made devices by the end of this year.

    Other uses of those microcomputers are for hard disk drives, which will likely account for 13.2 percent of demand in 1998, and set-top boxes, which are expected to account for 10 percent.

    The market is projected to expand in such product areas as personal digital assistants (PDAs), car navigation systems, auto engine controllers, and DVD drives which will be embedded with 32-bit microcomputers.

    Mobile phones, which mainly use 16-bit microcomputers, will also use more embedded 32-bit devices.

    Chart : Demand for 32-bit embedded microcomputers

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