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  • NEC Wins Japan Patent to Drive Plasma Display Panels
  • May 29, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. said it has been granted a Japanese patent on technology for controlling images on plasma display panels (PDPs).
    A PDP display operates by repeating electric discharges. These are a data-writing discharge that writes data to the addressed cells and �ignites� them; a sustained discharge that emits light in the addressed cells; and a data-erasing discharge that erases remaining electric charges in the cells for the next screen update.

    NEC was awarded a patent for two claims: (1) to secure ignition of the cells, it lengthens the data-discharge time or raises discharge voltage and compensates for uneven discharge voltage; and (2) to limit ignition-time differences among the cells, it controls the data-erase discharge, thus neutralizing the charges in the cells, which eliminates cell malfunctions.

    The company said these technologies are necessary to display fine images on PDPs.

    NEC confirmed that major PDP makers, such as Fujitsu Ltd. and Matsushita Electronics Corp., are using the same technologies.

    PDP makers are cooperating with each other to build up the PDP market. NEC will soon request royalties for the patent from other producers, company officials said.

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