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  • Unauthorized Access Affects 30 Pct. of Japanese Companies
  • November 6, 1998 (TOKYO) -- About 30 percent of Japanese companies suffered unauthorized accesses via the Internet and as many as 70 percent experienced computer virus infections.
    These were the findings of a security survey conducted in August by Nikkei Communications.

    Questionnaires were mailed to 2,088 Japanese companies, primarily those listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Replies were received from 792 companies, or 37.9 percent of the total sample (See Tables 1 and 2).

    The results for unauthorized accesses via the Internet are totals for the companies that have full-time online connections to the Internet (335 companies out of the total 792 respondents). The results for computer virus infections are totals for all 792 companies.

    Among the types of unauthorized access reported by respondents were server break-ins, spamming and attacks on computer systems.

    Attacks happen all the time, according to one computer user who is well aware of the problem of unauthorized access. Many companies may not realize that their systems have come under attack.

    This also is evident from the higher number of intrusions noticed by companies that constantly monitor their server logs than by companies without such surveillance.

    The fact that over 70 percent of respondents experienced computer virus damage is, from a different perspective, proof that companies are taking steps to protect themselves against infection.

    Coincidentally, around 70 percent of companies have deployed anti-virus software to prevent and eradicate computer viruses.

    The main threat is from macro viruses that infect document files. Document exchange over networks is becoming more and more common, and some companies have noticed that their system is infected only when alerted by a client or customer.

    The findings of the company security survey were published in a feature article (in Japanese only) in the Nov. 2 issue of Nikkei Communications.

    Table 1: Incidence of Unauthorized Access (335 respondents)

    Experience of unauthorized access


    No experience of unauthorized access


    Don't know or no response


    Table 2: Incidence of Virus Infection (792 respondents)

    Experience of virus infection


    No experience of virus infection


    Not using anti-virus software


    Don't know or no response


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