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  • NEC to Launch Low-Priced Routers for Home Use
  • November 9, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. plans to launch a new router for home use equipped with a built-in terminal adapter and digital service unit.
    The COMSTARZ ROUTER (CMZ-RT-DS) is to debut on Dec. 5. It will be priced at 49,800 yen (US$420).

    The new product belongs to the ISDN-connection type routers for home use, the COMSTARZ ROUTER series.

    The new product is equipped with such features as (1) the hub feature necessary to configure a LAN that connects multiple PCs, (2) TA and DSU features that are necessary when connecting to an ISDN circuit, and (3) a router feature that allows multiple PCs to share the user ID registered with a service provider.

    Like the existing product priced at 58,800 yen (US$500), COMSTARZ ROUTER (CMZ-RT-D2), the new product is equipped with a liquid-crystal display panel and a built-in TA. It is priced at less than 50,000 yen.

    The LCD placed at the front of the body makes it possible without starting the PC to display the number of incoming mails, the time connected to the Internet for each user and callers' telephone numbers.

    The 10BASE-T port, which connects to a PC and printer, has four ports at the back and one port at the front of the body. However, because one of the four ports at the back is to be shared with the port at the front, and there are four ports available for simultaneous use.

    Further, the new product is equipped with a serial port which is not available with the existing model. In addition to be able to connect with a LAN cable to a PC equipped with a network card, it is also possible to connect to a PC with an RS-232C Cable.

    Other interfaces newly added include: four analog ports (two ports with the existing model); two S/T-point ports used for connecting to a digital telephone unit (one such port with the existing model).

    NEC aims to sell 160,000 COMSTARZ ROUTER (CMZ-RT-DS) units in the first year after the launch.

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