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  • Fujitsu, Sony Collaborate on 1.3GB, 3.5-in. MO Disk System
  • November 10, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Fujitsu Ltd. and Sony Corp. said that they have jointly developed a magneto-optical (MO) disk system that can store 1.3GB of data, or about twice the capacity of conventional MO disk systems.
    The companies plan to release the specifications of the drives and media as a standard called GIGAMO, and will start making new products for use in personal computers as early as the spring of 1999.

    The jointly developed technology increases the capability to identify minute magnetic data, overriding the limits inherent in the light sources used by conventional optical heads, the companies said.

    The new technology is called magnetically induced super resolution (MSR), which features IRIS thermal eclipse reading (IRISTER), a type of know-how developed by Sony in 1991, and Fujitsu's double mask method.

    The technology enables conventional optical heads to write on and read from the 1.3GB media without redesigning them. An MO disk drive with the MSR technology can handle the 1.3GB media as well as other disks recorded by conventional methods, because it has the same optical system as that of conventional MO disk drives.

    The new system realizes a storage capacity of 1.3GB and a data transfer rate of 5.92MB per second, or about five times faster than CD-R systems. The 1.3GB media will be available for motion pictures, according to officials at Sony and Fujitsu.

    More information in English is available at: http://www.fujitsu.co.jp/hypertext/news/1998/Nov/5-e.html

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