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  • XF/Paix Virus Shows Up in Japan, IPA Says in Oct. Report
  • November 11, 1998 (TOKYO) -- The Information Promotion Association (IPA) said 136 computer virus incidents were reported in Japan in October, the second smallest monthly number in 1998.
    However, the report included a formula virus that was reported for the first time in Japan.

    Incidents reported from February 1998 numbered fewer than 200 per month, but increased to 222 in September, the IPA said.

    The October report, however, included information on a virus that was discovered in Japan for the first time. That virus is the "XF/Paix," and it spreads via Excel files. Three cases of damage were reported.

    Viruses that are known so far are called "Macro viruses" and they infect spreadsheets and/or word processing files via macro areas of the files.

    However, the XF/Paix is called a formula virus because it invades the arithmetic formula areas of Excel files. It was first discovered in France in January 1998.

    When a XF/Paix-infected Excel file is opened, an add-in program is automatically read in the user's Excel program causing a sheet with the virus code to appear every time Excel is started. In the worst case, menu bars or tool bars disappear.

    The IPA's Web site (in English) is at: http://www.ipa.go.jp.

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