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  • IBM Japan to Boost Sales of Low-Priced Desktop PCs for Homes
  • November 17, 1998 (TOKYO) -- IBM Japan Ltd. aims to boost sales of low-priced desktop personal computers to the home with the newly introduced Aptiva D1J.
    It is equipped with a 15-in. CRT display and application software including "Microsoft Office 97." It is priced at less than 150,000 yen (US$1,230). It has been available in retail stores since Nov. 14.

    IBM Japan expects low-priced desktop PCs to post brisk sales. In Japan it hopes to sell 10,000 to 15,000 units in one month.

    IBM Japan projects that one half of the overall Aptiva Series sales will be generated from low-priced desktop models by the spring of 1999. Because of this, the company plans to introduce other low-priced desktop models following the Aptiva D1J.

    The Aptiva D1J features 64MB of main memory, a 3.2GB hard disk drive and a 56kbps modem (V.90/56 flex-enabled) as standard. It is priced at 149,000 yen when purchased through IBM PC Direct. The Aptiva D1J is a product equivalent to IBM's US$599 model (body only) sold in the United States.

    IBM Japan reduced manufacturing costs by employing the IBM 300 MMX Enhanced Processor (IBM 300) "x86-compatible" chip manufactured by IBM Corp.

    The Aptiva D1J also is space-saving. Because there is no need to install a speaker, it fits easily into limited space. In addition, because it is contained in a compact box unit, it requires 40 percent less space than the micro-tower type models of the Aptiva E Series.

    As was done with the Aptiva E Series' new model launched in October 1998, the Aptiva D1J also comes with pre-installed "VoiceATOK for ViaVoice 98" voice-activated input software.

    The VoiceATOK is the input method editor in the Japanese version that works in coordination with ViaVoice 98. It was jointly developed by Justsystems Corp. and IBM Japan. The VoiceATOK feature is useful for users not familiar with keyboard operation and users with vision or muscular motion disabilities.

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