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  • Hitachi, Fujitsu to Standardize Smart Card Settlement
  • November 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- Hitachi Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd. said they will start a project to standardize specifications of a smart card system for consumer settlements on Nov. 16.
    A representative for the two companies said that the project, Standard Smart Card Integrated (SMILE), will standardize specifications of smart card system machines, including cards, reader/writer functions and terminals, for consumer settlements.

    The project will also standardize the transaction protocols and settlement support systems.

    He said the specifications will be based on international standards adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the EMV, while taking into consideration conditions of Japan's computer industry and communications infrastructure.

    The specifications will enable the card to be used at various settlement organizations, including settlements at stores and those through electronic transactions on the Internet.

    He said that standardized specifications of transaction protocols will handle settlement processes such as selecting settlement methods, request for invoice, settlement, request for receipt and delivery.

    The existing electronic transaction protocols -- Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) and Secure Electronic Commerce Environment (SECE) -- stipulate the protocols for settlements only.

    He added that the standardized specifications of the settlement support system will enable consumers, financial institutions and stores to have a variety of settlement options.

    SMILE is part of the advanced information system development and corroboration project being promoted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Japan Information Processing Development Center.

    Nineteen companies, including computer makers, credit card firms and banks, have already shown interest in the SMILE project.

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